Historical Beginnings of Unionville Missionary Baptist Church


Unionville Missionary Baptist Church was founded in 1865. Unionville Missionary Baptist Church has the historic distinction of being the first Black Baptist Church in the Unionville community. It has been active service since 1865.

Prior to 1865, Baptist and Methodist, both black and white, worshiped together. In 1865, white believers decided that they no longer desired to worship with their black brethren.  Consequently, black congregates were without a place to worship.

Later in 1865, a wealthy land owner by the name of Mr. Wyler, donated land for a black church to be established.  Mr. Wyler stipulated that the first black Baptist or Methodist to place timber on the land and sit on it all night would be awarded the deed to the land. Shortly thereafter, two enterprising black Baptists, Lee Buckman and John Josey, retrieved the timber from their bed, placed it on the property and remained there until the following morning to await Mr. Wyler’s arrival. Seeing this, Mr. Wyler donated and deeded land at 1610 Pio Nono Avenue to establish the Unionville Missionary Baptist Church. Rev. Pollack served as the first pastor.

This valuable historical information was provided by Mrs. Lula T. Edwards, our former Church Historian.

On October 1, 1994, the Unionville Missionary Baptist Church relocated to a new site at 3837 Houston Avenue under the leadership of Pastor I. Edwin Mack. This facility encompasses 38,408 square feet. This building occupies four and a half acres of land.

The first sermon preached by Pastor Mack on October 2, 1994 was “Why Should We Make a Joyful Noise,” taken from the scriptural passage Psalm 100:1 A Psalm of Celebration. The central theme of Unionville is: “A Church With A Mission, A Minister With A Message”