Our Pastor


The incomparable Dr. I. Edwin Mack, was led to become the Pastor of Unionville Missionary Baptist Church (the “Ville”) in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and eighty-six (1986).  He continues to serve in that capacity and holds the distinct title of being the longest tenured Pastor in the Ville’s one hundred and forty-six (146) years of existence.  Under the headship of Christ and Dr. Mack’s leadership, the church membership and discipleship has grown exponentially.  In response to our increase, he orchestrated the purchase of a 38,208 square foot facility which is now the main campus of our current location at 3837 Houston Avenue.  God continued to enlarge our territory when Dr. Mack negotiated the purchase of what is now the “I. Edwin Mack Worship & Fellowship Center,” thus extending the church campus by 16,811 square feet to 3820 Houston Avenue. In obedience to his God-given vision, Dr. Mack led the disciples of the Ville to ceremoniously liquidate a 30 year $2.1 million dollar mortgage for these properties within 17 years.  In addition to these and countless other accomplishments and contributions to our congregation and community, he has been blessed to serve as the President of the Sixth District of the General Missionary Baptist Convention, Inc. from 2003 to present.

Dr. I. Edwin Mack is a native of Cochran, Georgia.  He is married to the former Eloise Cliett of Byron, Georgia and father to Brittany Mack.  He is a mentor, preacher, teacher and revivalist par excellent who uses his infinite gifts to lead the lost, stir the Saints and heal the hurt of others by professing Christ, promoting the church and praying for the community.  He is a firm believer in the Word of God, is always pleased, proud and privileged to be called His servant and is forever careful to give God the praise and the Glory!  Amen!