Service Support Ministries

Courtesy Guild Ministry

Warmly welcomes all visitors to worship service and extends hospitality to guests.  Work to enhance the worship experience and increase visitor attendance and membership by encouraging visitors to fill out visitor’s cards.

Deacons Ministry

The Deacons are the helpers of the Pastor, (RE) ACTS 6:1-7, and are accountable to the Pastor and church membership.  The Pastor along with the voting approval of the church will recommend the appropriate number of Deacons to constitute the Deaconship of this church.  The Deacons are those appointed to give assistance to the Pastor,   to visit those who are sick and shut-in, and to sit in council with the Pastor in spiritual matters.

Deaconess Ministry

The Deaconess are the helpers of the Pastor and his   family, and the Deacons.  Assist the Pastor and Deacons with the spiritual  affairs of the Church. Lead all other women of the Church to a higher spiritual level.  Assist the Pastor or his appointee in making nursing home visits.

Mother’s Ministry

Reaches out to give sound counseling and positive encouragement to any member who is experiencing a problem, especially the younger women and girls.  A major participant in prayer for the sick and unsaved.  Assists the Pastor or his appointee in visiting nursing homes.

New Member Counselors

Welcomes, instructs and familiarizes New Disciples with Unionville Missionary Baptist Church through the membership and prayer partner registration process.

Ushers Ministry

Serve as Keepers of the Door.  Ministry Members warmly assist, greet, and seat parishioners during the worship service and ministers in any way possible to all worshipers. Ushers are to provide for a level of comfort to the worshiper.

Nurses Ministry

Provides assistance and to the Pastor, the church congregation, and community by providing health care services, health fairs and health education workshops designed to minister to the participants spiritually and physically as the body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and is to be used to glorify God (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

Women of Christian Service Ministry

Responsible for the beautification of the Church Sanctuary.  Provides additional services to the needy, the sick, distressed, and bereaved as directed and assists the Pastor in making nursing home visits.

Pastor’s Support Ministry

Provides assistance and encouragement to the Pastor and his family.  Initiates innovative ideas to enhance the Pastor’s welfare.

Trustee Ministry

Provides maintenance and upkeep of the church property, including the Church’s equipment and grounds.  Supervises the security of the Church building and its comfort.

Maturing Member Ministry

Ministers to the maturing members of the church and community through bi-weekly Noon Day Bible Study and other programs.